The Steam Castle (Pinch of Salt)

miércoles, 4 septiembre 2013 | Pinch of Salt

The Steam CastleIlustraciones: Mercè Canals
Código: 1589605
ISBN: 978-84-678-4289-0
Páginas: 112 + fichas de actividades (incluye CD audio)

Sinopsis: Enid, the princess of the magical kingdom of Occam, wants to find a way of turning the royal castle into a «mobile palace». To achieve this, she will have to travel with her friend Bert to the world of humans, to visit the former wizard of Occam who has now become a scientist. Here they will discover the secrets of science related to energy sources.

Nivel de dificultad: B1 (Intermediate)

Área: Science / English

Temas: Energy sources and their applications.

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The Steam Castle

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