The Rainbow Party (Pinch of Salt)

miércoles, 4 septiembre 2013 | Pinch of Salt

La fiesta del arcoírisIlustraciones: Mercè Canals
Código: 1589606
ISBN: 978-84-678-4290-6
Páginas: 104 + fichas de actividades (incluye CD audio)

Sinopsis: To celebrate the king’s birthday, his daughter Enid wants to give him a big party. But her magic cannot compete with the effects of light and colour produced by the witch Milena, so she will ask for some help from her terrestrial friends. Penelope and Thomas will teach Enid to use prisms to refract colours and create effects using light… and to obtain a very special gift: a telescope!

Nivel de dificultad: B1 (Intermediate)

Área: Science / English

Temas: Light and colour, about the phenomena of reflection and refraction of light, and the different types of lenses.

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La fiesta del arcoíris

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