The Rock-Eating Monster (Pinch of Salt)

miércoles, 4 septiembre 2013 | Pinch of Salt

The Rock-Eating MonsterIlustraciones: Lucía Serrano
Código: 1589608
ISBN: 978-84-678-4292-0
Páginas: 72 + fichas de actividades (incluye CD audio)

Sinopsis: Lucas, a space superhero, has fallen into the grip of the intergalactic sorcerer, Noir, who makes him sleep for millions of years. When he wakes up, Lucas does not recognise the landscape. Has somebody eaten the rocks, or is there another explanation? Only by finding an answer to this question will our superhero be able to go home…

Nivel de dificultad: A2-B1 (Elementary-Intermediate)

Área: Science / English

Temas: Erosion, landscape forms and types of rocks.

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The Rock-Eating Monster

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