The Seven Portraits of Mr Grunt

miércoles, 28 enero 2015 | Pinch of Salt

Ilustraciones: Antonia Santolaya
Código: 1589614
ISBN: 978-84-678-7119-7
Páginas: 72 + fichas de actividades

Sinopsis: Max is a magic artist. Mr Grunt visits Max to ask him to paint many portraits of himself. Mr Grunt wants to talk to them because he feels lonely. Max will use different artistic styles and will manage to paint seven completely different portraits of Mr Grunt.

Nivel de dificultad: A2-B1 (Elementary-Intermediate)

Área: English

Temas: To become familiar with the representation of the human figure and to compare different styles of painting. It is written as a play, so you can set up a theatre stage and act it out with your classmates.

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